I’m always looking for new and fun Android games to occupy some time and this looks to be a good one. This is a new tower defense style game that actually takes the aim of first person shooter. Pretty unique idea if you ask me. The graphics might not be the best I’ve seen but gameplay sure looks impressive and quite fun. Check out the video after the break.

The game is called Cannon Legend, and is available now from the Android Market. Giving us an exciting new twist on tower defense it has plenty to offer and should be loads of fun. It’s set in a fantasy-like theme and you sit first person and blast the waves of enemies like most defense games. Here is what you can expect:

– Fully Animated 3d Characters
– 3 Unique Worlds – Each world has it’s own theme. You will have a totally different experience in each world.
– 4 Unique Magic Stones – You will get a magic stone when you defeat a powful boss. Each Magic Stone has it’s own magic power. You can equip it on your cannon and refine your power to a high degree.
– Talent System – More than ten properties you can upgrade to make your cannon more powful.
– Great Replay Value – Unlock survival mode for each campaign mission accomplished.

The unique gameplay along with the “talent system” that basically allows you to level-up and upgrade your cannon weaponry will keep this game exciting for more than just a few minutes. While I love first person shooters controlling them on mobile devices isn’t the easiest of tasks. This looks be blend the two into a fun and worthwhile game. Best part about it — it’s completely free. Hit the market link and give it a try today.

Cannon Legend Market Link

[via DroidGamers]