One of the most common problems that people who like to take photos and videos have is that they will always run out of smartphone space. Even if you have a microSD card to expand your storage, you still have to every once in a while backup and delete photos. But a new camera app called, well, Camra, allows you to solve the tedious backup delete steps by letting you save and upload your photos and videos directly to your cloud account.

The developer says you will never worry about running out of smartphone space when you use this camera app as long as you set it to sync with your cloud account. And that also means that whatever device you’re using, a desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc, you’ll be able to view these photos and videos, as long as you sync it in just one account. If you’re on a desktop, you can watch the content from as long as you sign in with your private password.

You can also create private groups with your family and friends with a feature they call Safe Share, if you don’t feel like sharing your pics and vids with the entire world, but you need to send it to more than just one person. And if you share something with a Camra user, and then later on decide to delete it, that content will disappear from all accounts and all devices. But if you feel like sharing something to the whole world, then you can easily do so with its social sharing features.

You can download the Camra app from the Google Play Store for free. There are also some additional in-app purchases for more features you can use.