If you own a GoPro camera, you know that they can record high quality video and still shots. Odds are the GoPro has much better video and photo taking capabilities than your Android smartphone or tablet. A new product has debuted called the CAMpanion that is designed to connect your GoPro to just about any surface.

CAMpanion can connect the GoPro to any smartphone or tablet or just about any other surface. Newer GoPro cameras work with apps for Android devices to allow you to see what you are filming. With the app running on your smartphone and the camera attached to the back of your phone. This makes it easy to film exactly what you want to film.

The mounting mechanism attached to a smartphone case and the GoPro can mount to it very quickly. CAMpanion also has an accessory mount that can be used to mount a microphone, light, or other accessories.

CAMpanion is on Kickstarter seeking $28,000. So far, it has raised a bit over $8000 with 59 days to go. A pledge of $20 or more will get you a full CAMpanion setup with delivery expected in May 2015. You can also pledge $5 and get the files needed to 3D print the holder portion at home.

SOURCE: Kickstarter