There are so many camera apps available for Android. We’re guessing probably thousands to hundreds of thousands already. Most of them may by similar in features and functions but there are only a few apps that can capture the moments when you really want to preserve those memories and keep them private and secure–away from unwanted prying eyes.

The CameraV is a new app that lets you take photos and make them verifiable for private and secure access. You see, capturing images and videos can be easy. You can easily shared them too on social media but there are people who want to keep things sacred private. CameraV can be used to encrypt photos and provide password for exclusive access by others in the future.

Photos and videos can be 100% encrypted on your smartphone or tablet. Private tags and notes can also be added with the use of the CameraV app. It makes use of the device’s camera but turns it into a secure camera to make sure photos, even selfies, are safe and secure.

App developer The Guardian Project meant for this tool to be used by journalists, activists, and those working in high-risk situations to capture and use to gather visual evidence. Simply put, if you want photos to be safe and private, use CameraV and you’ll be worry-free.

Download CameraV from the Google Play Store