We have to admit, the Camangi WebStation, using Google’s free OS looked pretty darn good the first time we saw images of it. But now that it has been unboxed and reviewed by different people, you have to wonder, was it rushed into production? Could they have waited a little longer, in order to give us a better product?

First, Judie from geardiary had a chance to get her Camangi WebStation unboxed. For her first impressions, watch the video at the end of this post. If you like to see more pictures of the device click on the link above. Judie feels the Camangi is “EXTREMELY” solid, and is a little heavier than she expected, she appears to like it so far, but she hasn’t played with it much. And besides, she purchased the Camangi to be used as an eReader.

However, Michael of TomorrowLand, did a review of the WebStation and it doesn’t look promising. He is in fact looking for a way to return the thing and get his money back. Here’s what he said, just to show you how dissatisfied he is with the Camangi WebStation: “My suspicion is that the unit is basically a digital picture frame loaded with a cell phone version Google Android with a touch screen.”

What do you think, will the Camangi live up to your expectations? The Camangi is $399, but available for preorder at $389 right now. Do you think is worth it?