Contextual info is important, typically being left to launchers that capture your evolving device use. Apps and services may be forced to your screen at different times with a launcher like Aviate, what about tasks that don’t require such sea change? A new widget named CallWho aims to bring the same contextual brilliance to your home screen, leaving your customization alone.

The widget is pretty simple, offering up a grid of people you may call at a given time. Over a short time, CallWho can learn who you call the most during certain times of the day. With use, the widget changes throughout your day to make quick-launch chats easier. Dial up mom in the afternoons? CallWho knows, and places her in your widget. If dialing a few business contacts tend to dominate your morning, you’ll find them there, slowly disappearing as your day wears on.

We will warn that the widget is new, and not without hiccups. Testing it on different devices gave some mixed results — sending an SMS via an HTC One (M8) caused the first number in each contact to be replaced with a  “1” rather than the true number. Aside from small instances like that, which can be sorted out easily, the widget is nice.

The widget is pretty straightforward, and adheres to some recent Android widget styling cues (stacked, list, or grid). Perhaps the only drawback is that it encourages you to call people, but you can send a message. We do like the “mini contextual” feel from CallWho, though, so if you make lots of calls from your smartphone, give it a shot.

Source: Play Store

Via: XDA