I know I am not the only person guilty of calling someone and having to leave a message about something you need to talk about only to have them return your call and have forgot what it was you wanted. It’s especially bad if the call is for business and I don’t know the person and don’t remember what the conversion was about or who the person on the phone works with.

Android users can get a cool app on the Android Market right now called CallReminder. The app sells for $2.01 and allows you to associate a reminder with a phone number. When the call from that number comes in the reminder will pop-up and you can see what you wanted to talk with them about.

The developer says that this is the only app that shows the reminder for the duration of the call. That way you can work what you need to talk about into the conversation. “One of our employees came up with the idea and after receiving extremely positive feedback from everyone we decided to create the application. I ended up using it personally at least a couple of times a week – once you know about the app you always find things to remember” – Andrei Kovacs, Lead Entrepreneur and Managing Director at Finmouse.com.