It may be quite difficulth to port existing game titles from console to Android, but fortunately some have been able to create a mobile version of a game franchise that sticks true to the game’s spirit but also add some mobile-only features. One such game is Call of Duty: Strike Team, which is now expanding to just a few more Android devices.

Call of Duty: Strike Team bears the hallmarks of the popular franchise’s action-packed gameplay. However, it doesn’t stop at simply bringing a first person shooter to Android. Activision has added a unique tactical mode that pulls the player into a third person point of view. Players are able to switch between these two modes to decide which type of gameplay is best for a given scenario. The launch video below shows the game’s graphics and features in all its glory.

Unfortunately, Call of Duty: Strike Team launched with limited compatibility with Android devices. Perhaps the developers can be forgiven just a bit considering the game’s graphics needed to be tweaked and tested to ensure such high quality. Fortunately, the number of devices has just been expanded to accommodate just a wee bit more. Owners of Google Nexus 5 and Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy Note and Note II, as well as Sony Xperia S and Z will now be able to install the game on their smartphones and tablets.

As a bonus, Activision has put Call of Duty: Strike Team on sale for the holidays, reducing the price tag to $2.99. If you’re still on the edge about this game, you have a lot of time to think about it before it goes back its regular $6.99 price after February 1 next year.

Download: Call of Duty: Strike Team on Google Play Store
VIA: AndroidHeadlines