In the almost a decade of this mobile community, we don’t remember featuring a calculator-themed game. Of course, who would think of playing one, let alone, making one because how can you turn the mathematical tool into a fun game? It’s not easy to translate something that you don’t really play into a new game. Believe it or not, somebody did create one. This game aptly called as ‘Calculator: The Game’, is a puzzle challenge that will definitely challenge your arithmetic skills.

This calculator game will have you manipulating numbers by doing basic computations like adding, subtracting, or converting them. To make it more fun, stuff them into portals. The game features a simple LCD display for longer equations, comfortable buttons, and a “functioning” solar panel. It really is a digital calculator but made more fun.

We’re not sure if you will still find math exciting but any game with numbers can be umm, intimidating for some people. For some people, it can be easy but man, this is math we’re talking about. All good I can think of right now is for the parents to test their kids’ math skills with this game. But then again, can some adults be bothered with such challenge? Your guess is as good as mine.

Download Calculator: The Game from the Google Play Store


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