Calculators might not be at the top of most users’ app list but CALCU might make you wish it were. CALCU combines minimalistic design with intuitive gestures to give you a utility that is not only useful but also a pleasure to use.

CALCU throws away skeumorphic, or even semi-skeumorphic, design prevalent in some calculators today. Instead, it adopts a flat, minimalistic look that calls to minds some of the more beautiful and popular apps in the market. But if the default appearance doesn’t float your boat, you can choose from 11 other themes, some of which, admittedly, are quite terrible. But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you’ve settled on a style that you like, then you can start using CALCU for its real talent. It works like any other calculator of course, but additional features are just a swipe away. Swiping the keypad up will reveal a second page of buttons with trigonometric functions. Swipe up again and you will be given the chance to add 12 more buttons of your choice, or remove existing ones. You are even given a list of mathematical constants or create your own. Swiping down from the display will reveal the calculation history which you can view and reuse in your next calculation. But wait, there’s more! Enable two features currently under the “Labs” tab in Settings and you will have get two more gestures to use. Swipe down from the keyboard, like a swipe down to refresh gesture, will automatically perform the calculation. Swipe up from the number display, on the other hand, will perform clear all on the display.

CALCU is free on Google Play Store but that version, unfortunately, has ads. If those irk you enough, you can opt to make a $1.99 in-app purchase to gain the ability to turn them off, which some may find to be too high a price to pay for a calculator, depending on how much you’ve fallen in love with CALCU.

Download: CALCU on Google Play Store
VIA: The Next Web