You can’t always have your cake and eat it too. Well, when it comes to mobile, you can do whatever you want with the Cake. It’s a new mobile web browser by Cake Technologies developed after receiving a multi-million funding from different venture groups. With their help, the development group was able to come up with a browser that may beat Chrome and Safari, at least, on mobile. Like Android desserts, the name cake tells us mobile experience can be “sweeter”. The mobile browser arena isn’t exactly exciting at the moment but the entrance of Cake may change the game.

What Cake offers are user-friendly navigation, quicker access to search, and more accurate results. Swipe through the search results so you can see the web pages right away. No need to scroll through or tap back and forth as a simple swipe will show the information you need. The browser already preloads search results as soon as you enter a keyword. This way, a page will easily show up for your convenience.

The Cake mobile browser offers broader search results, personalized searches, and the Slices. The latter is more of a group where the user can save his favorite websites and topics. To personalize search, you can set your choice of search engine.

Download Cake Web Browser from the Google Play Store