C Spire Wireless has become the latest carrier to unveil an upgrade program. In this case the program will be called PERCS and it is one the carrier is touting as allowing for “device upgrades that are simple, sooner and sensibly priced.” To that point, the PERCS program will cost $20 per month (above your regular monthly service) and allow for a new phone every 12 months.

Basically, by shelling out $240 over the course of a year you will be able to grab a new phone. In terms of C Spire, they also make t clear the PERCS program doesn’t require the user to trade-in any old smartphone. In other words, assuming you kept that phone in good condition over the year you used it — you could sell it to offset the cost of the new device.

Other points worth mentioning for the PERCS program include no credit checks and not having to pay full retail pricing for the phone you are upgrading to. You will however, have to sign a new agreement. C Spire is also trying to differentiate their upgrade program with additional discounts based on the individuals PERCS status.

“Our PERCS rewards program is designed to thank our customers by giving them a simple and convenient way to get what they want for less. PERCS Upgrades is a natural extension of our rewards program and provides a new way to get the devices customers want sooner and at a sensible price, with additional discounts built in,” said Jim Richmond, vice president of Corporate Communications for C Spire.

The perks mean a discount of 30 percent for Elite members, 20 percent for Premier members, 15 percent for Priority members and 10 percent for Plus members. The carrier also has plans to launch a PERCS mobile app that will allow members to check and manage their account from any mobile device. That all being said, those looking for the fine print, or alternatively, those looking to sign up will be able to do so on the C Spire PERCS Upgrade page.

SOURCE: Business Wire