C by GE’s lineup of Made for Google products is getting a colorful boost this year as they are adding even more useful and smart items to their platform. Aside from the previously launched smart light bulbs, we will also now get color light bulbs as well as other light-related products so that you need not lift an arm to be able to properly light (or darken) the room that you’re in. Well, of course you’ll need your trusty old Google Assistant and Google Home devices to do that for you.

In case this is the first time you’re hearing of the C by GE products, the smart lights and their Smart Light Starter Kit lets you have a smart lighting system at your home without needing to get an extra hub. As long as you have a Google Home, Google Mini, Google Max, or Google Home Hub, you’re good to go already. You can control everything through your Google Assistant on your Google Home app.

The new products they’re introducing this year include Full Color LED lights which they say can bring you millions of color options. They come in a 60-watt equivalent A19 bulb, a B30 for recessed cans, as well as a custom-sized light strip. Oh and if you want whites too, tunable whites are also available with these color bulbs. They’re also bringing new smart switches which will let you turn lights on/off, dim and control incandescent, halogen, CFL or LED bulbs without needing a separate GE hub.

Make any bulb smart with the introduction of new C by GE smart switches.

C by GE will also be adding an accessories platform, starting with their smart wall plug that will let you control things like your lamp or Christmas tree through voice commands or through an app. You will also get a motion sensor that lets you control your lighting through movement in the room.

Pricing for the light bulbs range from $40-$75 while the smart plug starts at $25. They will be showcasing these products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which starts on January 8.