We can never play enough of mobile puzzle games especially if the theme is geeky-nerdy. ‘The Hacker 2.0’ is a perfect example of a new adventure for the techie geniuses. You have numerous missions to complete where there are over 80 different levels to explore and finish in time. In The Hacker 2.0, you are the hero hacker that is expected to show off his many hacking skills and functions.

People will be puzzled as to how clever you are. Feel free to customize and unlock several hacking functions you can use. You can also earn credits, hack terminals, and unlock and customize other hacking functions.

There are many ways to complete each level in this puzzle game. Make sure you finish every task and hack your way to victory. You can also choose different climatic and unique music themes plus unlock wallpapers and design your own desktop. Show the other geek enemies what you’ve got and that you are still the best hacker of all time.

Your way to victory isn’t easy but you’re a genius. You’ll get to the end. You just need to remember some old codes and tricks from the past. Your frenemies didn’t hail you The Hacker for nothing.

Download The Hacker 2.0 from the Google Play Store