Bixby has gone through several changes and improvements in the past couple of years. It first came pre-installed in the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and worked with native apps. It was soon made available on more Galaxy devices. Bixby 2.0 was released and believe it or not, Bixby 3.0 is already in the works. The feature is helpful but some people don’t want it. The Bixby button especially can be used for other functions and so remapping it is needed.

One of the first solutions we learned was the bxActions Bixby button remapper released last year. The app is getting an update to bxActions 6.0 bringing per-app Bixby button remapping and camera shutter action among others.

The dedicated Bixby button can be remapped to activate whatever function or feature you want to use. The button doesn’t have to respond to the Bixby assistant.

Remapping is possible but there are some restrictions. For one, remapping isn’t supported when you want to use other voice assistant apps. Good thing there is the ‘bxActions’ developed by XDA dev Jawomo.

bxActions has just been updated to allow custom per app remapping, Google assistant on lock screen, camera shutter button, rotation landscape and portrait, additional PC upgrade page, full remap optimizations, and mark options which need PC. The standard fixes and optimizations plus stability improvements are also present.

Download Bixbi Button Remapper – bxActions from the Google Play Store. It features per app remapping, support for a double and long press, and volume buttons remapping. You can answer calls with the button, turn on the flashlight, skip tracks, and prevent ads.

Here are some actions of the Bixby button: launch Google Assistant, turn on the flashlight, mute phone, take a screenshot, answer phone calls, and launch a camera or any other app. You can also disable the Bixby button and enable 35+ more actions.