If you’ve spent a few minutes or even hours down the rabbit hole of BuzzFeed articles while in the process of doing “research” for work or school, then you’d probably stay away from this app. Or not, if it really is for academic or professional purposes. The site, which had a hand in propagating the listicle-type articles, has now released their first app for Android devices, after being available for some months now for iOS.

Design-wise, the BuzzFeed Android app is of course different from its iOS counterpart, as it is “faithful to the core tenets of Material Design”. But it basically has the same features, with a compilation of all the latest news and interesting items happening around the world. The app makes it easy to access these news items, and they even promise that it loads fast, regardless of your Internet data connection.

While some do frown on listicles and Buzzfeed-type articles that appeal to those with short attention spans, they do get some people reading the news. The app description says that they make sure that readers still get context and background on the news items that they read (in case they do want further reading).

BuzzFeed also announced that they are going on a #CandidateCollegeTour where they will be interviewing the presidential candidates in front of live audiences. Of course the app will be front and center for those who will not be there in person. You can download the BuzzFeed News App from the Google Play Store for free.

SOURCE: BuzzFeed