Got a lot of time in your hands? Literally, you might be holding your smartphone for hours once you download the latest BuzzFeed app for Android and the recently launched BuzzFeed NEWS app. The internet news media site is more fun to explore on its own official app.  It’s also a social news and entertainment website that has everything from serious news to politics to business, entertainment, quizzes, viral videos, trending stories, and more. Businesses nowadays need their own mobile apps and BuzzFeed, even if you think is a rabbit hole, is no different.

BuzzFeed articles, or at least, the headlines can easily be mined from any social network but reading the whole article still requires that you open the link within the app or outside using a mobile web browser. Loading takes some time–a few seconds longer. Try browsing the BuzzFeed feed on the app and you’ll notice the obvious difference.

BuzzFeed App for Android

On the original BuzzFeed app, once you click on a story title, the small box will zoom out to reveal the article page. Each story features a related image because such increases page views and because people are more image centric now. App only operates on portrait orientation. Turning the Android phone will not change the screen to landscape so don’t expect the text and images to grow bigger than they already are on your display.

The iOS and Android version have almost the same interface and navigation. They just differ in the colors. App’s color combo is red and white but how colors were used on each version is different. The iOS BuzzFeed features a white banner with the red BuzzFeed name while the Android version shows a red banner with white text.

BuzzFeed app for Android 7

BuzzFeed’s menu can be accessed when you click on those three horizontal lines you see on the app’s home screen. You’ll see the option to sign in and different categories: Bookmarks, Trending, News, Buzz, Life, Entertainment, Quizzes, and Videos. There’s also the LOL, Cute, and Win articles. More specific categories are the following: Animal, Big Stores, Books, Business, Celebrity, Community, DIY, Food, Geeky, Health, Ideas, LGBT, Music, Parents, Politics, Rewind, Science, Sports, Style, Tech, Travel, World

buzzfeed android ios copy

On some stories, the banner part will have three icons: the bubble quote icon for comments, LOL icon, and the ribbon icon for bookmark.

buzzfeed android banner comments lol bookmark

On the menu, there are also options to rate the app, send feedback, and view the settings. Click on what’s trending and you’ll see that most viewed article. Once inside the app , you’ll see a set of social media buttons that allow you to share the particular story on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp, or through email, SMS, or text messaging.

Material Design is very obvious on the BuzzFeed app while transition is very smooth.

Download BuzzFeed from the Google Play Store

BuzzFeed News App

buzzfeed news

A few days ago, BuzzFeed also released a new app called BuzzFeed NEWS. Yes, it’s another way to fall down into the rabbit hole that is BuzzFeed. This time though, it’s aimed for people who like to read the more serious stuff. By serious we mean the latest news on US Politics, Business, Technology, World News, Science, Sports, Celebrity and Entertainment, LGBT, the upcoming 2016 elections. Some of the articles here you may also find in the other BuzzFeed app and website but the News app makes it easier to follow the news around the world.

The app shows different content from several sources. You may see stories shared on Twitter or on some other websites. The idea is for the user to be informed of some of the things being discussed. BuzzFeed will make sure that user knows all the breaking news that matter.

BuzzFeed NEWS App 3

The app only has two sections: CATCH UP and ALERT STREAM. ‘Catch Up’ lists all the latest news into one continuous flow. Scroll down to read the main points of the article. Click on a story if you want read the full text. Note that not all articles included in the app are from the BuzzFeed writers. Some stories come from other blogs and websites. The editorial team has curated the article list already. Each article features a short summary or an outline of the content. If you just need to “catch up” and be informed, go through this list and read the important points. The ‘who, what, why, when, and where’ details should be mentioned already.

BuzzFeed NEWS App 1

Meanwhile, the ‘Alert Stream’ features a short description of what the article is about and the source—no other details.

Download BuzzFeed News from the Google Play Store


Regular BuzzFeed readers will find that the app is full of interesting articles and “listicles”. Of course, stories are not long because BuzzFeed’s target audience are those who have short attention span, are bored at work or home, or those who have work but have the freedom to mindlessly wander all over the Internet. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed NEWS readers are those who care about the world and are only interested in the more serious stuff–business, technology, politics, and etc.

There’s no denying that both Android apps have been well-thought-out. Apps are definitely easier to navigate, smoother, and faster compared to when opening the mobile site. Material Design is very noticeable too so you’ll see that app is light, easier to navigate, and simple to use.

If you want to read the more fun and viral stuff, go to BuzzFeed but for more important stories and relevant world news, head on to BuzzFeed News and start reading even just snippets of an article.