Google Business Messages

As more businesses are going digital, largely due to many people being asked to stay at home, Google wants to improve on a number of products and services. With the goal of helping both consumers and companies, the search giant is working on a number of things. Perhaps one of the most notable efforts is the Google Hangouts turning into Google Meet to compete with Zoom. The company is helping businesses further by improving messaging through Search and Google Maps.

The changes are available on Google My Business. The service has been enhanced. A lot of customers have learned to connect brands via Google. The number has increased from last year’s figure.

Google has just announced it is making some expansions on Business Messages in Maps and Search. Google updates the system by allowing more kinds of businesses to be supported. Companies and brands can now integrate their customer service platforms with Business Messages. This makes communication between consumers and companies more direct, easier, and more efficient.

Business Messages offers messaging solution that can be accessed from Android. It can also be accessed on iOS through Maps. Some of the improvements include welcome messages, visual product carousels, and smart replies. You may also notice a smoother transition from auto-replies to an actual customer service agent.

A number of names have already used Business Messages like Walmart, MyGov, and Woolworths. The changes are more than useful especially in this time of pandemic when communities are on lockdown. Some of the ways this Google solution has already helped the brands mentioned include searching for products, availability and aisle information, store hours, precautions, and pick-up and delivery options.

MyGov uses Business Messages for answering live questions, COVID-19 helplines, and ways to donate or volunteer. Other companies that have also taken advantage of the system also include Mattress Firm and DISH. They have improved business communication with their respective messaging partners Podium and [24]