Coming as another app that originally launched only for iOS users, Burner has finally made its way into the Google Play Store. Burner, as the name would imply, is an app that allows you to simulate one of those disposable ‘burner’ mobile phones. Except in this case, you are burning the number as opposed to the entire phone.

The Burner app can be used for just about anything you choose, but the key is — you can keep the number for only a short time and then avoid getting those calls at a later date. One potential use case include Craigslist listings. This way you can easily ditch the crazy calls once your item has been sold. Regardless of your specific use case though, the Burner app allows you to send and receive calls as well as send and receive test messages.


You can even get voice messages on that number. The Burner app itself is available for free and comes with the option to create one number.That freebie Burner number will then be good for 5 minutes of talk time, 15 text messages or 24 hours — which ever comes first. You can however choose to extend that number. Extending a number, or creating additional numbers beyond the one freebie will require you to purchase credits.

The credit pricing begins at $1.99 for 3 and goes up to $11.99 for 25 (with a few other options in between). In addition to creating new numbers and extending the time limit of your current numbers, those credits can also be used to buy additional minutes and messages for your number. A one month extension requires 5 credits and a 3 month extension will require 10 credits. Bottom line here, the Burner app provides a solid way of having an alternative number and while not free, it certainly sounds like a much better option as compared to having another phone.

[via Google Play Store]


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