Burger King has announced an expanded partnership with AT&T this morning. It seems AT&T will now be providing the wireless access for the WHOPPER Wi-Fi network in all US based Burger King restaurants.

Many will likely be familiar with the free AT&T WiFi setup as it has been around in quite a few other retail locations. This includes another fast food giant — McDonalds. But as far a Burger King goes, they are touting this as a method of offering fast and easy setup as well as consistent service.

Alex Macedo, President, North America, BKC touched on how “most” of their guests are now carrying a smartphone or tablet, and WHOPPER Wi-Fi is about “improving the in-restaurant experience.” Macedo also mentioned how they are “committed to enhancing their digital platforms” and as a teaser, he mentioned that “WHOPPER Wi-Fi is just the beginning.”

Of course, we suspect some are just happy knowing they can surf the web (for free) while eating fast food.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

IMAGE: Ildar Sagdejev, Wikimedia, Flickr