Game console makers and game developers are starting to look to our smartphone and tablets as second screens and as an alternative form of engagement. In that sense, Bungie looks no different from any other, but the amount of features that it has packed into its Destiny companion app definitely shows how much thought the game maker has put into making the game a truly immersive and encompassing experience.

Bungie’s high-profile “mythic science fiction” MMORPG is set to go on public beta today. And to augment beta testers’ gaming experience, they updated their old Bungie Mobile App and renamed it to the Destiny Companion App. As the name points out, the app lets you connect to the game to some extent using your mobile device. But this app works even when you’re not actually playing, and actually lets you even interact with the game world wherever and whenever you want to.

The basic capabilities of checking your Guardian, that is, your player, character, and his or her stats is a given. The app will let you also inspect and compare your Grimoire, your collection of in-game lores, with your in-game friends. But what is quite unique about this Destiny Companion is that it actually lets you change your Guardian’s gear right within the app. And yes, you view your character, or characters, in a complete 360-degree 3D turntable style. Those more enterprising players will also be able to view what wares vendors are currently selling, though it doesn’t mean you can put it your bid for the item until you actually go online.

As with any game companion app that connects to the Internet, you can keep in touch with in-game friends, either through Bungie’s forums, private messaging, or through either PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE. The Destiny Companion app is available for free on Google Play Store, but of course it will only really be useful if you own the Destiny game, available soon on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Download: Destiny Companion on Google Play Store