The latest update from Bump has been announced and while this one deals with the web version, it will have some perks for those using the app on an Android device. In short, thanks to this update you will be able to bump files between Android and your computer. The process, as it had been between phones, is just as simple as before and it now works with all the same data including images, contacts and files.

Basically, this Bump update builds upon how you could previously send images from your phone to your computer. This update makes it a two-way option and as previously mentioned, now works with additional file types. Assuming you already have the Bump app installed on your phone, grab your computer, launch a browser and surf on over to From here it is just a matter of hitting the space bar. Well, finding that file you want to transfer over and then hitting the space bar. From this point, you are done.

Some of the possible use cases include grabbing a presentation file from your desk computer and then bumping it to the conference room computer. Or alternatively, you can use it to back up files from your current smartphone so they can be transferred over to a new smartphone. You can also use it for a more practical purpose — to save those precious pictures and videos that you never want to lose.

Anyway, at this time we are seeing the details on the Bump Blog, and the website has just been updated and is ready for transfers. All said and done, this seems to be a nice step for Bump, certainly a feature that will be welcomed. And at the very least, this should make Bump quite a bit more useful for those who didn’t previously have a need to bump files from device to device.

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