What do you look for in a city-building game? Great-looking graphics? Challenging tasks and gameplay? Adventurous storyline? A new game of this ilk is out to convince you to start building ships and go to the four corners of the globe and develop your kingdom, until you become a power to reckon with. Do you have what it takes (and do you have time?) to build your Maritime Kingdom?

From the same developers that brought you Tribez and Castlez (thank goodness they didn’t name this Kingdomz), this new city-building game brings you on a maritime adventure as you build a powerful shipping fleet, trade in various ports, establish diplomatic relations with countries that you pass by, and discover unchartered territories. The game has over 350 quests wherein you’ll be able to create cities using 40 different building types.

To earn money (well, the virtual kind, at least), you can gather and trade over 30 kinds of resources, including various gems and fancy cloths, spices, etc. The game does not seem simple on paper, and in reality is pretty complex, including the achievements system that you need to master. But for mobile players who are into this kinds of games.


Unlike some city-building games that require you to always have Internet connection when playing them, Maritime Kingdom can be played offline so you can play it literally anywhere. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store but there are in-app purchases available. For games like this, buying stuff will always be a temptation, so watch out.