winterforts exiled kingdom

The mobile gaming world won’t run out of strategy games. There are a lot we haven’t played and featured yet so be prepared to learn great new apps available on the Google Play Store. One of those making waves now is ‘WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom’.

The game requires you to build a castle. You are the master, the one controlling the exiled warriors looking to revenge against Horde. You can freely design the layout of your kingdom’s fort. Do everything to take care of your people by harvesting meat from dead dragons, sending workers out in the the wild, raising an army of archers and beasts, and joining one of the eight Houses.

Kingdom is situated in Drahalla, in one of its frozen regions. It is where magical confrontations and epic battles happen. Be wary of enemies trying to reclaim your empire as barbarian clans, warrior kings, and rival families will come after you.

WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom is a simple tower defense game but it requires speed, strategy, and wit. Think Clash of Clans but in a different setting. Just like any strategy game you can build, craft, and play with other WinterForts players online. Make new friends as you gather dragon meat and gold nuggets. If you’re ready, raid enemy forts and swear allegiance to one of the 8 House of Drahalla. Honor your banner and stay inside the castle.

WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom is free for download from the Google Play Store but in-app purchases can be made. The latest version has been optimized for tablets so gameplay is enhanced. Its developer Execution Labs will be bringing more features with the next update: House Bonus, House Tournaments, Wraith, and Traps.