There’ve been a number of bugs surfacing in Android devices of late that allow users to bypass the lock screen. Most of the Android exploits so far have been for Samsung devices. However, a new exploit has turned up for a Sony Android-powered smartphone called the Xperia Z.

This particular smartphone has the full details of the exploit readily available online. Bypassing the lock screen is a very easy and straightforward process so anyone assuming that their data is secure behind the lock screen needs to be aware that all anyone needs to break into your device is a simple text string. To take advantage of this screen lock bypass you don’t have to mess with any the physical parts the phone or tweak the SIM card.

All you need to do is open the emergency dial pad and type in a string of symbols and numbers to bring up the service menu. Once in that service menu, the NFC Diag Test can be accessed which will then give access to the home screen via a press of the home button. There’s no word from Sony at this point of if or when it will offer a software patch to block this exploit.

The upside is should you ever forget your unlock code, you can access your device using this method. The downside is that should you leave your Xperia Z lying around anyone can access your information in short order.

[via SlashGear]