If Bsquare have their way, it won’t just be the HTC Hero that gets Flash playback capabilities: all Android devices will.  The company has announced its Flash browser plugin for ARM-based Android devices, such as the HTC Magic and T-Mobile G1, running Cupcake 1.5.

Bsquare had announced back in March that they were working on a Flash plugin with an unnamed “tier one” carrier.  This latest news seems to suggest that their attempts at porting Flash have been successful; however, there’s no sign of general availability for the plugin, with Bsquare seemingly targeting OEMs:

“Our Flash Platform technology browser plug-in will be valuable to OEMs building ARM-based smartbooks and to those who are developing other types of Android devices requiring a rich media experience that is fundamentally different than anything else available for users today” Larry Stapleton, VP global sales, Bsquare

Of course, the nature of the Android platform means that what arrives on one device soon gets ported to everything else, so even without an official release it’s likely we’ll see Flash on existing Android devices.  No word on when Bsquare might release the plugin.

[via jkOnTheRun]


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