Brydge Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Chromebooks are here to stay. Google was able to introduce a new category in the notebook game. It used to be just laptops and netbooks but now, there is the Chromebook as one particular category. When you say Chromebook, it can be from any OEM as long as it runs the Chrome OS platform. Mainly, these Chrome OS-powered notebook computers are for the education and small business sectors that need basic yet powerful computing machines.

Chromebooks are like any other gadgets that need add-ons and accessories if you want a better notebook experience. There aren’t many Chrome OS-centric products available but Brydge is changing all that.

New wireless touchpad, keyboards, and mice are available from Brydge. There may be other brands that offer the same but here are products specially made for Chrome OS.

We can say this is the first-ever Bluetooth wireless keyboard and touchpad for Chromebooks. We’re assuming they are compatible with most Chromebooks out in the market.

The Brydge wireless keyboard may remind you of the Pixel Slate keyboard. Meanwhile, the Brydge touchpad will work like any touchpad. Perhaps you can compare it with the Apple Magic Trackpad. It boasts some glass material and a haptic motor that allow smooth tracking and clicking.

There is no mention on pricing and availability but the Brydge Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Brydge Touchpad will be out sometime in Spring.