If you’re the type of bookworm that likes to scour the web for book recommendations from fellow book lovers, Barnes & Noble hopes that you will be willing to go beyond Goodreads and your “traditional” social networks. After months of beta testing, they have now released the Browsery app for Android devices and it basically just wants you to talk about books with authors, editors, and more importantly, the reading community. It’s now available for download from the Google Play Store for free.

Browsery is basically a social community where there is an ongoing Q&A conversation about books and reading. It wants to digitally recreate the elements of the Barnes & Noble stores, which is “browsing, community, and conversation”. At the end of the day, what it wants to do is help users find their next read by looking through the various threads in the app and listening to what other book lovers are talking about and currently reading and recommending.

Of course they also want the users to join the conversation and not just read through them. You are encouraged to add your own recommendations in your favorite genres, ask people for specific recommendations, connect with other people who love the same books, authors, or genre as you, and of course build your own reading lists. Oh, and since B&N is a business after all, they would love it if you will eventually go to bn.com to buy your books from there.

To kick things off, all of Barnes & Noble’s social media accounts will be posting a question of the day and they’re hoping that people will answer them on the Browsery app. The physical stores will also be promoting the app and the social community that will come from the app.

SOURCE: Barnes & Noble