In today’s modern age of mobile technology, with thousands of Android devices on the market and most of the world having super powered devices in their pockets, it’s fun to think back on simpler times. Before gaming became mobile, before it became 3D even, when you couldn’t wait to get home from school every day to sit in front of your box-behemoth of a TV and play your beloved NES. Those were the days, eh?

Well, now you can combine that nostalgic old school gaming joy with the Android device you love and use every day. The NES30 by 8Bitdo is a very well reviewed bluetooth controller that’s designed with the classic NES controller in mind, the difference being the two additional action buttons and two shoulder buttons to make the device more compatible with a variety of games. Of course, it also connects via bluetooth (which didn’t exist in 1985) or USB to Android and iOS devices, Nintendo Wii, Mac and PC. But we’re talking D-Pad baby – no joysticks on this guy!

With an MSRP and Amazon price of $40, we’ve got it for just $29.99 (with free shipping!) at the Android Community Deals store – that’s 25% off for you “numbers guys.” The controller also supports multiplayer gaming, so pick up a couple of them if you plan on playing with a friend. The controller’s rechargeable battery lasts for 20+ hours on a single charge, giving you plenty of time to get your game on. Throw it back like it’s Thursday – get the NES30 Controller from AC Deals!

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