Indie smash hit Minecraft taps into that part of your brain that loves playing with Lego: simple tools, endless possibilities. Of course, one of the most fun parts of building blocks is completing your edifice, waiting about three seconds… then blowing it to smithereens. For that essential experience, look to Brick Force, a new game combining the building elements of Minecraft with the fast-paced shooter action of games like Team Fortress and Counter-Strike.

The model for Brick Force is a little tricky: first, player build their FPS arena, then split up into teams to duke it out. Imagine it as a high-speed version of the custom maps that are available on most PC shooters. And speaking of PCs: Brick Force will combine both computer and mobile platforms for gameplay. You log into the company’s servers on your Android or iOS device, help your team build the arena, then switch to a computer browser for the actual battle.

This may seem a little odd, but for old-school PC gamers who prefer mouse and keyboard to dual thumbs (like yours truly) it sounds like an interesting take on the problem. Brick Force is still in early development, but you can sign up for the closed beta on the developer’s website. The beta program opens up on February 28th.

[via Droid Gamers]