People want a more secure messaging service or channel all the time but to be honest, it is sometimes impossible. Even with all the privacy and security measures, some genius hackers can still get inside a system. Google is serious about fighting such problem but it can’t do everything without the help of third-party developers. There is one messenger we can consider as secure and it’s called Briar. Described as a peer-to-peer messenger, the first stable version of Briar is now available for Android devices. We’re certain this one is more secure after almost a year pubic beta testing and security audit.

The Briar Project is a success and we’re looking forward to conversations that are kept private and secure. No, we don’t have plans to check your discussions but we’re just glad there is something we can trust from the Open Technology Fund.

This messaging app is mainly targeted for the journalists, activists, or simply anyone needing a safe and reliable communication and messaging tool. The Briar devs will continue to improve the messaging app. In the near future, Briar will allow image attachments, have a longer battery life, and remotely add contacts without verifying identities. A desktop client is also in the works so we’ll see.

Download Briar from the Google Play Store