There’s a brand new brand of speakers out there, and they’re both working with Bluetooth and are able to daisy-chain for ultimate awesomeness. The brand Braven you might not have heard of before, but it’s former name Spar might ring a few bells. They’ve taken everything they know about the speaker business and have created a mobile speaker line here that’s both colorful and powerful, working with bluetooth for every-device integration.

This first offering from Braven is called the Braven Six Series is able to connect to your smartphone or tablet with bluetooth and then, if you have multiple speakers, are able to daisy-chain with USB. There are three models, each of them able to fill the room with high-fidelity audio with different features on each model to spike your interests. There’s a rugged speaker in the line with bumpers around it for sporting and outdoor settings as well as two models made with aircraft-grade aluminum for a striking experience both visually and in its ability to play a fabulous set of sounds.

The Braven 625s model has a shock-absorbing exterior with aluminum grills all around so you can take it on the go. This device comes with a waterproof bag, a USB flashlight, and up to 16 hours of continuous play. The Braven 600 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and comes in Ash Grey and Moab Red, coming with 14 hours of playtime. The Braven 650 brings industry-leading apt and AAC audio encoding for “near lossless” audio and an amazing 20-hours of playtime.

The prices for these devices are the following: Braven 600 for $149.99, 625s for $179.99, and 650 for $189.99. Each of these models will be available soon, shipping from at the end of June 2012 – grab em!