Spring is almost here and you’re probably planning your next outdoor adventure already. Braven is one of the trusted names in Bluetooth speakers because the products are tough and ready for rough use. The last ultra-rugged Bluetooth speaker we featured from the brand was the BRAVEN BRV-PRO from last year. Earlier in 2016, the company rolled out a rugged, waterproof, and modular BRV-BANK PRO LE power bank..

The latest speaker ready to offer high-quality audio even when you’re outdoors is the BRAVEN BRV-XXL. The audio system delivers HD sound whether you are indoor or outdoor. It’s ideal to use when you’re in your backyard or in a campsite for a music listening experience with superior sound quality.

BRAVEN BRV-XXL comes with an internal 15,600 mAh battery that delivers 14-hours of audio playback. Inside the speaker are quadruple audio drivers plus a subwoofer that offers audio coming for the sides.Camping with the BRV-XXL can be memorable because you can play cool music for everybody. You don’t have to be lonely and bored while at a campsite because you can get the party started by blasting music from a mobile device. Speaker is rugged, thanks to its shock-resistant and IPX5-water resistant body. If you think it’s too large for a Braven speaker, that’s true. BRV-XXL (extra large!) is the most powerful and biggest speaker yet from the brand.

BRAVEN BRV-XXL comes with a $349 price tag. Specs include NFC technology, a 3.5 mm microphone input, and an on-board control for the volume, bass, treble, and skipping tracks. You can purchase the speaker online or on Best Buy stores and online shop.


SOURCE: Braven