Braven is usually a brand associated with rugged, outdoor speakers. But their product portfolio is much wider than that, and proof of this is their brand new line of speakers that can help turn your home into a fun, music-listening environment. The Braven Premium Home Speakers has three different models that promise to bring you the sound quality that they’re known for as well as a design that should make them fit right in your living room or family room or wherever you’d want to place the speakers.

The flagship is the Braven 2300, and it is also the largest and most powerful of the three. It has Bass Optimization Technology, extended range drivers and an integrated subwoofer, and all of this are the ingredients to bring you immersive sound all throughout your room or house. It has Bluetooth Smart connectivity so you can remotely access the settings and features of the speakers through the Braven app on your smartphone. You can also pair it with a second Braven 2300 so you can have an even more complete sound. It is available in Graphite or White for $349.


The Braven 2200 is smaller than the 2300 of course, but brings you all the same features, bringing you a “deep, rich bass and powerful volume” because of its robust low frequency response. It can play up to 10 hours with its built-in battery. You can also mount it on a wall, in case you want it to stay there permanently. It comes in Graphite or White colors as well, and retails for $299.99.


Lastly, the most compact and portable of them all is the Braven 1100 and you can bring it along with you wherever you are in the house. It is sleekly designed and is encased in premium fabric, but it is also powerful enough with its Dual Passive Radiators and an extended range driver. It can last up to 28 hours and you can even use it to charge your devices because of its 8800mAh powerbank. It is also available in either graphite or white and will cost you $249.99.


SOURCE: Braven