Fathers out there, what is the strangest and most uncomfortable thing you’ve done just to make your child happy? Well, some of you may be able to relate to Samsung’s newest ad or you might think this is something you will never do. This is their first TVC that integrates several new products like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and their virtual reality products. It is short but sweet and may be a father’s worst nightmare or a little girl’s sweetest memory.

The TVC is by Leo Burnett Chicago and opens on a hapless-looking dad showing up at the concert of an up and coming boy band called After Romeo (yes, they exist in real life), alone in a sea of pre teen girls. He holds up the Gear 360 camera, takes videos of the band singing while uncomfortably looking at the girls around him who are screaming and crying.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 07.09.23

Next scene shows his own daughter, watching the video on her Gear VR headset, reliving the concert she had to miss because of a cold, but which she can now virtually watch because of her sweet father. It’s both an “aaaawww” and a “LOL” moment for viewers who now understand the man wasn’t a creep for being at a teen concert.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 07.09.44

The ad works because you can actually see that real fathers may do the same for their kids, and using the three products together, the Samsung Galaxy S7, Gear 360 camera, and the Gear VR headset, can help you achieve that effect of actually being there. Now if that “sacrifice” is worth it, is up to you.