There are thousands of arcade games available on the Play Store and we’re always on the lookout for recent ones to try as new time-wasters. We have our favorites already but we prefer those that test the brain like ‘Brainful’. The name itself sounds really smart. If you want a new challenge, you can try this brainer game and see if your memory is still as sharp.

Brainful is a geekier challenge. It doesn’t require senseless tapping or swiping. You have to see the cascading display and follow which one to tap next. It will require you to remember and follow the logic. Just make sure you don’t get distracted because Brainful needs your concentration.

This arcade game can be played in two challenging game modes: Endless and Stepper. The latter is more common but will definitely work out your brain as you try to reach high scores. As for the Stepper mode, this one is very basic in introducing the game mechanics with 18 levels to finish.

Brainful features seven beautiful color themes and combinations depending on your preference and style. If you want a nice background music, play in Endless mode and start relaxing with the stunning music. If you’re up for more challenge, check the leader and see if you can beat your friends or whoever is on the leaderboard. And if you’re more than ready, feel free to improve performance and unlock several achievements.

Download Brainful from the Google Play Store