The Boxfish Live Guide app has recently launched for Android. While this one has just landed in the Google Play Store this morning, some may recognize the name given the app had previously been available for iOS. And for those wondering what Boxfish is all about — think television. The app touts itself as being the “new TV guide.” But perhaps more to the point here, the Boxfish app provides a new method of seeing what is on television.

The app provides your basic television guide, however there is also the option to see what is trending and a favorites section that will allow you to quickly see what is playing on your favorite channels. In addition to the regular guide and the favorites section, Boxfish also offers the ability to search.

Browsing to the trending section will have you sitting in the ‘everything’ category by default. This includes all types of shows that are trending across all networks. The trending section is also further broken down into categories with options for news, sports and lifestyle. The searching is as one would expect — it allows you to search for just about anything you want.

As this is an app we had some interest in, we spent a few minutes playing around. Upon launching the app for the first time you are directed through the setup process. You start by entering your zip code and television provider. The Boxfish app also wants to know if you have a Google TV or TiVo, but these are not required and can be skipped. From here you go into choosing your favorite channels and then into using the app.

The setup process is simple and straight forward and the same can be said about using the app. The app launches to your favorites, which seems to make sense. Those favorites can also be edited/changed later on as you see fit. The search is always available in the top right hand corner and access to the trending, regular guide and settings is done by way of the three-line menu icon in the upper left.

Touching back on the Google TV or TiVo, this was asked because the app does have remote functionality. While that support is limited to these two devices at the moment, there was mention that support for more providers is on the way. Bottom line here, while an interesting way to browse the current trends on television, without any integration with our current cable provider for the remote, it felt a little separate and really just added another item in your hand — the phone with Boxfish and the regular remote control. Nonetheless, Boxfish seems like something worth checking out and something worth paying attention to moving forward.