Boxer app for android

Finally, Boxer is now available for Android devices. The email app which has been popular on iPhones and iPads recently launched for Android. Kindle and Android users have long been asking for this app and their prayers have finally been answered with new features for better email management.

This email app is something Android users have been wanting to have on their phones and tablets because of its many great features. Among the popular features of the app include smart labels, email ‘likes’, customizable swipe based inbox, and integrated to-do lists.

Boxer app for Android supports all common email accounts like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, iCloud, AOL, Hotmail, and Office 365. Generic POP3 and IMAP accounts are also supported. You can have all your email accounts accessible within a single app and integrated with special features. Meanwhile, Quick responses and bulk edit make emailing more convenient.

What makes the Boxer app a favorite is that it adapts to the way one works. You can also connect to your top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and Linkedin. The app features tools for setting auto responses, to-do list, auto-response, and simple archiving with a single swipe.

Here is a rundown of Boxer’s many apps:

Email Likes – Like an email to acknowledge message is received and read
ToDo List – Swipe to your ToDo list and don’t forget an important message or task
Canned Responses – Send common responses and “Quick” replies
Profile Pictures – Set pictures of your contacts for easy identification
Smart Folders – The app knows where you prefer to file things by remember your folder actions
Gmail Labels – Full Gmail label support
Evernote Integration – Send emails to evernote with a single tap
Swipe to Delete – Swipe to archive, spam, trash emails
Cloud Attachments – The app supports Box and Dropbox support
Configurable Interface – Change swipe actions by changing them in the settings

With this development, more than a billion mobile users from all over the world now have access to a better inbox through Boxer’s many features. Boxer app is now ready for download at the Google Play Store.

Source: Boxer



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