An updated version of the Box app has landed in the Play Store today. The Box team has said this update was intended to make the app faster and more relevant to you — the user. With that in mind, some of the changes that have come along include a new navigation drawer, easier access to switch between accounts and real-time updates to offline files. There is also an updated widget.

Starting with the changes to the widget and users will now be able to view their updates feed using the widget. But perhaps more important for some, the widget is now resizable and you can now scroll inside of it — to browse your updates feed. Which brings another change that came along with this update, a redesign of the updates feed. In this case, it was said to have been “completely overhauled.”

The feed now includes document previews, and in general users should have more control over what they see in the feed. Users can opt to display their recent activity or updates from others. Some other changes and additions in the Box app include a Navigation Drawer and new folder sorting and view options. Basically, these last few items should all make for easier navigation around the app.

Lastly, the Box team has stepped up and added support for those who have multiple accounts. Users with more than one Box account will be able to login to each account using the new switching setup and jump back and forth between accounts with just a few taps. That all being said, the latest Box for Android update is already available by way of the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Box Blog