Your objective: hit the target with the ball. Your method: bounce the ball around the shapes. Simple and straightforward enough right? On paper, yes. On the actual screen and the actual game, not so much. But that is why we love playing games like this one right? Geometry Bounce is another one of those so simple yet so difficult to master mobile games. This time around, it takes its inspiration from mini-golf, but it is nothing like said game.

The idea of bouncing the ball off other things in its surrounding is the only thing that Geometry Bounce took away from mini-golf. But other than, it bears little resemblance. The challenge you are presented here is to control the ball, determine the path it will take as it has to make contact with all the other shapes in the screen, and finally hit the lone target. Once you have determined the path, just watch it ricochet off the other objects, and if your physics is correct, then watch it hit your target.

The game has 30 levels for you to tap and shoot the ball, using your eye for accuracy, and getting the perfect speed and direction so that all objects will be touched. Needless to say, the first stages are easy, but it gets more difficult as you go along, which should prove a challenge in itself.

One of the best things about this game? It’s free and has no in-app purchases! You can download Geometry Bounce from the Google Play Store.