If your kids have a fascination with building things or exploring how things work, then it’s best to start them early on with projects that will enhance this interest of theirs. BOSEBuild is a new category from Bose Corporation that focuses on creating “build it yourself” products that kids can easily understand and create products on their own. The first product to come out of this is the Speaker Cube where kids can create their very own Bose Bluetooth speaker.

But don’t think these are just toys to be built from toy materials that kids can play around with. It actually uses high-quality parts and materials, just like other Bose products (but maybe not as expensive as most products). The instructions are not just how to but also involves discovering how things work, like how a magnet and coil makes sounds or how a speaker actually reproduces the music. So not only do they learn to build things, but they also have some mechanical education along the way, through a free companion app that can guide them step by step.

There is also a bit of creativity involved as the kids can custom build some parts of the speaker, like adding colorful lights, silhouette covers, etc. The app will also tell you the progress that you’re making until finally the Speaker Cube is assembled. And afterwards, since this is fully functional product, the kids will be able to stream their favorite songs from their connected device to the new Bluetooth speakers that they built themselves.

You can already start kids on a technological and mechanical journey by giving them the BOSEBuild Speaker Cube. You can buy it for just $149 at build.bose.com.