Bose, known worldwide as very competent audio device manufacturers, have been on a roll in terms of launching products lately. This time they took the wraps off the Soundlink Color speakers which seems to be their most affordable Bluetooth speaker yet. They are launching that together with the Soundlink On-ear Bluetooth headphones, their first try at on-ear Bluetooth headsets.

The Soundlink Color Bluetooth speakers will appeal to the trendy in you, not to mention that they are heck affordable at USD$129.95. They will give you 8 hours of audio time, and charges full in 3 hours. Bose has been in the speaker business for a while now, so expect this to be at least decent in loudness and clarity. The Soundlink Color speakers also “remember” the last 8 Bluetooth devices you connected to it – which is a very convenient feature. Also, they come in multiple colors, yey!

bose color

As for the Soundlink On-ear Bluetooth Headset – it’s worth noting that this is the company’s first time they are putting out an on-ear wireless headset, so it will be interesting how this turns out. The pricing is a bit expected at USD$249.95, and for that price you can expect what Bose has been known for in quality of audio.

bose on-ear

The Bluetooth headset is reportedly flaunting a new technology which Bose calls “Adaptive Audio Adjustment”. It basically changes call and microphone volume based on the user’s speech level and ambient noise. This way, you get to hear less of the environment and more of the user. Tech like this is usually double-edged, and it boils down to the execution if it will ultimately be buggy or awesome. If you try these out, give us a comment below on how you like it.