Bose has finally launched Sport Open Earbuds after they were briefly spotted in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission. Tailored for people who don’t want to stuff in-ear earbuds in their ear canal, and would rather prefer a pair of earbuds that don’t fall off of the ears, these sit above the ear opening without any skin contact as such. They are held securely by the hook that goes around the ear – ideal for users who complain that true wireless earbuds are not their cup of tea as they keep popping out with the head movement or physically intensive activity.

As you would have guessed from the name, they are open and the audio driver hovers above the ear canal making them less irritating for constant usage. Another undeniable advantage is their ability to let the ambient noise in – very useful while driving in traffic or training at the gym with your buddies.

Bose Sport Open Earbuds with the OpenAudio technology have been designed specifically for people who indulge in a lot of physical activity like running, cycling, or gymming. Reason enough to have the IPX4 water resistance to survive the odd rain shower or profuse sweating.

The 16mm dipole transducers beam the audio loud and clear without leaking the sound into the environment for keen ears even at the highest volume levels. Likewise, the microphone has also been tailored for clear audio while taking calls, even if you are in gusty winds or excessive ambient noise.

The lightweight earbuds (14 grams each) promise a battery life of eight hours on a charging time of two hours. Like other modern earbuds, the Bose Sport Open Earbuds also have multi-function button controls for music, taking phone calls or activating the smart assistant.

The buds can be pre-ordered right now for $199.95. If open earbuds are something you have always been looking for but never had, then Bose has designed them specifically to your liking.