We haven’t heard anything new recently from Bose. The last one we remember was the Bose Wireless Noise-cancelling Headphones 700 pair from May last year. Before that, there was the news that Google Assistant support coming to Bose speakers. This week, we are introduced to three new products: the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, Bose Sports Earbuds, and the Bose Frames. The new accessories are ready to make a revolution in the audio and sunglasses industries with their designs and features. First is the new pair of headphones that we can consider as truly wireless earbuds.

Called as the QuietComfort Earbuds, this pair is very quiet to use as noise-canceling headphones. The earbuds are also joined by the Bose Sport Earbuds. Both pairs offer excellent audio even from their smaller form factors. You won’t even notice you are wearing them because they are very light and small.

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds offer efficient noise-canceling. Everything can be really quiet when you need some peace and silence. Every sound can be silenced–from car horns to blare of trucks to the noise coming from the next room.

Meanwhile, the Bose Sport Earbuds are ideal to use for workout. The new pair is smaller and lighter than its predecessor. This pair is more affordable at $179 compared to the $279 QC Earbuds. Both pairs can now be pre-ordered before the September 29 market availability.

Bose has also announced the Frames series. Three Frames styles are available: Tempo, Tenor, and Soprano.

These are premium sunglasses that also work as premium headphones. We’re putting this under the wearables category. The Frames Tempo is the most premium among the three. The pair is ideal for outdoor physical activities like biking, running, or climbing. The other two, Frames Tenor and Frames Soprano, are ready with an improved, design, and style compared to the previous models.

The frames use Bose’s very own Open Ear Audio technology. Inside, Bose used the smallest, invisible Bose speaker systems available for mobile audio. Each pair of eyewear boasts immersive sound, as well as, polarized lenses that can block up to 99% of UV rays. They are great for daily wear and outdoor sports.

As with some Bose earphones and earbuds, the Frames can also be used to play music wirelessly, make and receive calls, and call on a virtual assistant. Each frame is prescription-ready. They are now available from Bose and select resellers for only $249.


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