If you are a big fan of music and rhythm games, a new offering has landed on Android that has a RPG element to it as well. The game is called Booyah Nightclub City DJ Rivals. The game has been on the iPhone previously and this is the first time it has landed on Android.

The coolest thing about the game is that it allows players on the iPhone and Android devices to play against each other. The game uses GPS tech to use your location and the multiplayer mode is expansive. The location-based play lets you become the DJ at real stores and restaurants in your area to earn money in the game.

The game is a free download on the Android Market and on the App Store right now. “Following the success of MyTown on iOS and Nightclub City on Facebook, we are very excited about our first game on Android,” said Brian Cho, director of business development, Booyah. “Mobile is the new frontier for gaming and we see a tremendous opportunity for DJ Rivals on the rapidly growing Android platform.”