WhatsApp hasn’t officially added group video chats to its official app, but that hasn’t stopped developers from creating third-party apps that can do so. One of those developers is Rounds Entertainment with their Booyah video chat client which doesn’t just let you chat with your WhatsApp friends through video but even lets you do so with more than just one contact at the same time, which might make it more confusing, but also more fun (hopefully).

The developer has an already existing chat program called Rounds, which connects to your Facebook account and lets you chat with your friends there, similar to Messenger, but in case you didn’t want a Messenger app on your device for some reason. Now they’re doing something similar, but this time for WhatsApp users, with both one-on-one video chats and group video chats as well. You don’t even need to open a new account but just connect your already existing WhatsApp account (well, if you already have one of course).

Rounds CEO Dany Fishel said that WhatsApp was a “pioneer in messaging” and so they decided to use it as the primary companion for the Booyah app. The conversations are “easy and casual” so that you don’t need to do extra steps or follow complicated instructions just to be able to start or join a group video chat.

Unfortunately, this app isn’t available for Android devices yet. You might have to wait a little longer, but the developer assures that it will be coming to the platform soon, but with no specific time table yet.

VIA: SlashGear