A member of the XDA developer forums has published how you can unlock the bootloader to your Huawei Mate 8. This is the Chinese manufacturer’s current flagship phablet, and if you’re growing a bit tired of Huawei’s EMUI Android skin, you might be thinking of how you can flash a custom ROM into this monster. Well, the answers are probably a bit obvious, but it’s worth noting them down in one post.

As per the thread, there are two options for unlocking the Huawei Mate 8‘s locked bootloader so you can flash a custom recovery, root, and then flash a custom ROM. The first option will make you wait for 2 weeks – basically, you register for a Huawei ID on your phone, and leave the ID logged in for 14 days. After this, you can basically go online to unlock the bootloader on Huawei’s website (link via the source thread). The second option is paying a third party unlocker – guaranteed working by the thread starter – around USD$5.00 and following some steps to unlock the phablet.

Once unlocked, you can follow the instructions provided by the post for flashing a custom recovery, then gaining root access, and basically flashing a custom ROM from there. The Huawei Mate 8 is robust in specs and you probably would want an AOSP-based ROM so you can squeeze the functionality from the phablet and make it work for you.

huawei mate 8-1

The Huawei Mate 8, lest you forget, sports the monster Kirin 950 processor, built in-house by Huawei and is one of the top processors out there for plain brute force. You also get a nice 6-inch FullHD (1080p) screen, with a fingerprint sensor, up to 4GB RAM, and up to 64GB internal storage.