After hearing recently that the iPhone 3G can run Android 2.2(Froyo), we have some more great news for apple users who want to mix things up on their device. The guys who have brought OpeniBoot Bootlace to the iPhone 3G have been working very hard to bring Froyo to the iPad and iPhone 4

OpeniBoot is an application that allows users of the device to upload an unsigned code, such as Android OS, onto their device that is running iOS. This application can be downloaded via the Cydia appstore on jailbroken devices. Keep in mind that this application will only work on the iPhone 2G, 3G, and first gen iPod touch as well. Hopefully these hard working hackers will bring Froyo to our iPads and iPhone 4s. Check out the video below and only attempt to upload Android on your iOS device if you absolutely know what you are doing.

Via [Redmond Pie]



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