Boost Mobile has recently began offering a $35 per month introductory plan. The plan features may look familiar, as they exactly match the currently available $50 per month plan. That is to say those signing up with Boost Mobile can get unlimited talk, text and web for $35 per month.

Of course, it should be made clear the $35 per month price is “introductory” and will only be around for your first six-months. Those considering this option will need to buy (and activate) an eligible Boost Mobile device by March 31, 2014. In terms of eligible devices, that list points towards 4G LTE support.

After the six-month introductory offer is over, the price will revert back to the original $50 per month. From that point you can then take advantage of the Shrinking Payments deal. This has monthly payments dropping by $5 per month for every six on-time payments. Under the Shrinking Payments deal your monthly price can eventually drop to $40 per month.

To clarify, this $35 per month plan includes unlimited talk, text and web — but there is a bit of fine print for the web aspect. The data is unlimited, however only the first 2.5GB will be at high-speed. In addition, video is limited to 3G speeds. That having been said, while Boost Mobile has a full lineup, they have recently released their first phablet, the ZTE made Boost MAX.

SOURCE: Boost Mobile