Android phones come in shapes and sizes to suit just about everybody, including those who by want or need are restricted to non-contract carriers like Boost Mobile. If you’ve been swayed by their cheap plans and no-contract phones but discouraged by more expensive models, the newly added Samsung Replenish might be for you. The small QWERTY candybar phone is rated as “eco-friendly” thanks to its post-consumer recycled body, and it won’t break the bank at just $100 for a non-contract phone.

For that price you don’t get much, but for some it should be enough. the 2.8-inch portrait screen has a resolution of 240×320, sitting above a full QWERTY keyboard built into the face. At 123 by 60 by 11 millimeters, it’s small if not especially slim. 600Mhz and 512MB of RAM should be just enough to run Gingerbread (which was just recently released for the phone) with full access to Google apps and the Android Market. On-board storage is a puny half gigabyte, but you can supplement it with a MicroSD card.

The phone goes on sale January 16th at Boost Mobile’s retail locations and partners, as well as its online store. While it’s by no means a high-powered device, Samsung’s been putting out some solid entry-level Android phones lately, so this one’s worth considering if you want to save money or need a decent cell phone to give the kids. For the Earth-conscious out there, Boost reminds us that its trade-in program offers free electronics recycling with a new purchase.